For eligibility purposes, the following conditions should be fully respected.

For the 2021 MIFA Awards we are aiming to screen at the Casino da Madeira, but due to the Covid-19, restrictions may be applied. 

  1. The films must include English subtitles (unless the spoken language is English).

  2. By submitting the film , the submitter agrees that.

1. MIFA can use trailers/teasers/film posters/stills for promotional purposes (but do not release, under any form or circumstances, the full film)
  3. 2. Entry fees are non-refundable.

  4. 3. The submitter owns all the rights to the film.
4. The information about the entries can be disclosed to MIFA associated film festivals.
  6. 5. Entries are accepted exclusively through FilmFreeway.

  7. MIFA does not accept the following:

    1. Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organisations.

    2. Films which are made before 2015.

    3. Films with a poor production standard (bad sound, lack of subtitles/captions for non-English films, or video resolution less than 720p HD).
    4.Videos which contain or transmit any message that violates the fundamental rights and freedom of human beings, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    For student fee, it is mandatory the student status evidence (e.g. copy of student card).

    For the live screenings, submitter must provide MIFA with a HD digital file, minimum 1920×1080 (preferably ProRes MP4).

  8. Incomplete or “work in progress” films are not accepted.

  9. The projects that do not follow the rules & terms above can be automatically disqualified at the sole discretion of MIFA
    and terms.
  10. We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, festival dates, location and/or format are subject to change. 

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